Aadeshvaraas Mat Board (with white core) is a high quality mat board designed for Special framers, Museum people who would like to work with a Professional touch for mounting valuable Art works and archival Photo Prints. Aadeshvaraas Mat Boards are manufactured by PETERBORO CARDBOARD LTD., Canada exclusively for the cost effect distribution in India through Indian Engineering Industries; and board comes in a wide range of colours, textures and designer finishes. Extensive choices are available from the 100% Cotton Museum quality board down to the basic cream core. This superior mat boards are used for an ‘art conservation’ around the world and it can stand the test of time, resisting the effects of pollution acid while the bevel remains white without discolouring.

Important and rare art pieces require archival mat backing and mount for protection, support and proper display, once framed. double mounting, has become a popular and effective design trend for the framing of art works and photographs. Aadeshvaraas having pleasure to offer you various design alternative. The deep bevel of a double thick board of the Aadeshvaraas Mat Boards lends a dramatic depth to the framed images.


  • Each component is buffered to a pH of 8.2 +/-0.5% and contains a minimum 3% reserve of calcium carbonate for longevity. The surface paper is buffered and lignin free and strong enough to withstand surface tearing during cutting. Mat Boards are available in various colour & sizes.

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