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The Hahnemühle mould-made Ingres papers, named after the famous French painter Jean Aauguste Dominique Ingres (1780-1867) are produced on a cylinder mould with deckled edges. Due to its fine-ribbed and toothed surface, this paper features a modest look. Ingres is perfectly suited for the dry drawing and painting techniques, such as pencil, chalks, pastel and red chalk.

The individual sheets are deckle-edged on all four sides and available in 12 colours. They are not only well suited for drawing and painting but also for different printing techniques or the use as exclusive envelope or cover material.

The pads feature a two-side deckle edge and are available as white-paper pads or in the following nine shades of colour: bright white, white, ivory, antique,yellowish, brown, mouse grey, middle grey and grey brown.

Ingress- Pastel paper- Mould Made- Acid Free

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