The smooth sketch paper is well suited for working with Indian ink, fountain pens
and acrylic markers as well as other water-based pens with minimum abrasion.
Colours stand well on the light-grey, non absorbing surface.  Subjects can be laid
out from bright to dark and completed by setting white accents.  

With its unobtrusive figure, the anthracite coloured cover provides the impression
of precious wood and touching it feels great. Bound in several layers and thread
stitched, all the pages seat solidly and allow the artist to work on two pages, across
the centre seam.  A red bookmark ribbon completes the premium-quality features. 
With 40 sheets / 80 pages featuring 120gsm, The Grey Book is slim and an ideal
companion if you are on the road or travelling. At the same time, it comes with
enough reserves for many subjects. Available in A4 and A5, acid-free and with a
high level of longevity.

The Grey Book

  • A4 & A5

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