Watercolor Book Leporello-fold Style: ‘the ZigZag book’

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

“One hell of a sketchbook …” is calling Pedro Alves aka dk_limp our new watercolour book with accordion folding on instagram. The Portuguese architect and artist was one of the first to test the product of demand by many Urban Sketchers, Daily Painters or New Watercolor fans. The “ZigZag book” in fanfold style is the novelty at Creativeworld 2019 at our Hahnemühle booth (Hall 4.1, E10) and will be available from February on.

Also cube.w3 arouses much attention with her posts from the new accordion book. Her conclusion: “The paper is as always stunning! The size and shape of the book is optimal! Very nice is the idea with the rubber band stretched diagonally over the cover … I’m so happy! 📷 ”

theZigZagBook ©Gris030.de

We are happy to launch another innovative product to the market that many artists were asking for. Gris 030.de will paint “the ZigZag book” live on Creativeworld in the joint studio of da Vinci, Schmincke and Hahnemühle and present it to trade visitors. “The paper is thick enough and the whole leporello absolutely free of waves, even with a lot of water. Interesting folding principle, so that you can always paint straight on one level. The right format is available for every challenge.”

theZigZagbook ©Alona Hryn

Watercolour artist Alona Hryn creates her own sketchbooks as DIY but with the new “theZigZagbook” she is very pleased: “A dream book, which is suitable for all painting techniques, but especially for classic watercolour – wet in wet, dry and even glaze/layering works well. In addition I decorated my cover with an individual embossing and best of all, the book can be wonderfully presented – for example standing upright. “

Stay tuned on our social media channels – Facebook and Instagram – when we present the new watercolor books to dealers at Creativeworld. They will hit the stores in February. Ask for “the ZigZag book” by Hahnemühle!

All information about the ingenious watercolor book is available on our website.

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